A Guide To Opening A Real Forex Account On MetaTrader 5

At ATROPI, we believe in making it easy for investors of all levels to open a Forex real account. Through our platform, you can complete forex trading, which allows you to buy in one currency and sell in another, generating profit as currency rates and values change in comparison to each other.

We use MetaTrader 5 platform, more simply known as the MT5 trading platform. It is intuitive, simple, and it offers the option to customize the platform to target the types of trades you want to make. As one of the leading forex trading platforms used across industries and around the world. Unlike the earlier version, the MT4, the MT5 includes the option to use EA trading.

EA or Expert Advisors are actually specific pieces of code or very small programs that allow you to use automated trading features. These are essentially trading bots that can be developed and customized to reflect your trading levels, preferences, and comfort levels within the market.

Why Choose MT5?

Both new investors and those with extensive experience will benefit from choosing the MT5 platform. We offer a full range of tracking and reporting features, including 44 different analytical charting tools, different options in chart types and time-frames, as well as the ability to trade from charges with simple, 1-click trading.

The MT5 platform can be used on all types of devices and works with both the Windows and the Mac operating systems. This includes desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. This is ideal for those who want to trade on the go while also having the system display in the right format on the various devices.

Creating An Open Forex Real Account

It was critical for our team to design a platform that was intuitive to use for those new to investing in forex exchange markets. We also believe the account creation process should be streamlined, simple, and easy while meeting all compliance and security requirements for our clients’ peace of mind.

The first step is to choose a registration type. The options are individual or corporate, with the individual for those trading on their own and corporate for businesses using forex trading.

Next, complete the account information page. This is the personal information required to generate a trading account. You will need to create a secure password and to read and review the ATROPI customer agreement.

We always recommend our customers try out the free demo. This is a simple way to see how the platform works and to explore the various functions, features, and options we provide. After trying the demo, go to the dashboard and create a live account, which is the same process as you used when creating the demo.

Navigation through the site is found to the left side of the page, which can vary based on the device. Simply click on the area you wish to visit and move through the platform.

Placing your order for an open forex real account is easy. It can be completed through a variety of locations, including one-click trading that is available through the chart features provided through the platform.

Traders can customize the order details by choosing the specific foreign exchange currency pains in the trade, the order type, the volume or the lot sizes you want to trade, and the Stop Loss and Take Profit order requirements. Traders can also choose from two order types, a market order and a pending order. Pending orders are further refined into six different categories, which allow for automatic or manual closing for these orders.