How To Deposit Money Into Your Forex Account

At ATROPI, we encourage all of our members to spend time trying out strategies on our demo platforms. Creating a demo account allows you to become familiar with the features of the platform, to understand how the analytics and other investment tools perform, and to test out various forex trading strategies, including fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, metal, share, energy, and index CFDs. CFDs, or Contract for Differences, are some of the most effective ways to earn money on trades without a long holding period.

Choosing to use CFDs also means the trader is only speculating on the performance of the asset in the future. There is no need to own or to actually have the asset in hand, which is the basis of all foreign exchange markets where the profit is made in the performance of two pair currencies.

The MT5 (MetaTrader5) platform used at ATROPI is a very simple and easy to use forex trading account that also allows you to trade other asset classes based on the account level you select. While we always recommend the demo platform to get started, many of our members already have experience and are interested in making a deposit to get started with live trades.

It is important to note that downloading the MT5 platform is completely free and at no cost for the member. It is a highly secure platform that is used by large corporations and individuals around the world to complete forex and other CFD trades on a daily basis. It is also used by financial institutions, banks, brokerages, and the exchanges themselves, which makes it a reliable and dependable platform for any level of trader.

Creating an Account

While this may seem evident, you must have a live MT5 account with us to make a USDT FX account deposit or an FX direct deposit. This includes providing the required information for KYC requirements, including verification of your identity through specified documents that are scanned or uploaded through the MT5 platforms

Once this is completed, you can make a USDT FX account deposit. The USDT FX account deposit is sometimes called a Tether USD account. Tether offers a 1:1 conversion rate from the US dollar to the digital currency. In other words, if you deposit $100 USD into your MT5 Tether wallet, you will have $100 Tether digital currency.

The trader then provides ATROPI the specific address to the allow the withdrawal of funds from the wallet to place the trade. The blockchain transparency ensures tracking of all deposits and withdrawals into the Tether wallet. In addition, the transactions occur virtually instantaneously, with no delays or lags.

As with any type of cryptocurrency, it is necessary to set up the Tether wallet in your MT5 account. Click on the wallet and choose the three dots in the upper right hand corner. Select deposit and input the amount. Then, simply choose the method to complete the deposit.

We offer payment using PayPal, different cryptocurrencies, and you can even change the currency of the deposit at the bottom of the box. Not all traders offer the same funding options, with limitations on FX direct deposits and delays in processing funds common with other brokers. Our system allows you to begin live trading in just a few minutes, which is one of the reasons traders around the world choose ATROPI.

We offer help for our members in all countries. Our clients can contact us through Skype at [email protected], or call us at +1 636 524 4460. We can also be reached through Whatsapp, and our live customer support and service is available 24/7 to assist with questions and provide the answers you need.