At ATROPI, we don’t like to earn anything from deposit commission. We offering full commission compensation for all deposit methods.

Forex is easier with ATROPI promotions

Get more while spending less. Get commission refunds, save on spreads and other expenses, and enjoy personal privileges.


Up to 20%

Spread refund

Up to 20%

ECN commission refund

Up to 100%

Deposit refund

Higher Deposit = more opportunities

Having a high status in the ATROPI Bonus program affords you more opportunities, more privileges, and more bonuses.

Your status depends on the Deposits made across all your accounts.

From 1,000 USD
From 5,000 USD
From 10,000 USD
From 20,000 USD
Personal manager Yes Yes Yes
Deposit commission refunds 30% 50% 100%
Free spread discounts 3% 5% 10%
Free discounts on broker commission 4% 7% 10%
Advance deposits Up to 10,000 USD
Unlimited number of trading orders Yes
Special personalized offers Yes Yes Yes Yes
ATROPI Club Membership* Free Free Free Free

*ATROPI Club is an international private club which manages special events and promotions for club member across the world.